Friday, June 02, 2006

136 Names, and a Secret Revealed

Several people have inquired as to the names of the 136 children. Here they are:

Conor, Conal, Conaill, Conn, Conan, Colum, Colm, Connor, Colmcille, Carrickfergus, Chuck Chuck, Deirdre and Deirdre (the twins), Medbh, Maeve, Maggie, Meg, Mags, Margare (pen ran out while filling out form), Margaret, Meggie, Molly, Moyra, Moira, Maurya, Moolah, Ming, Mary, Marybeth, Bethmary, Liam, William, Will, Willy, Warren, Dmitri (too much vodka!), Bill, Barry, Esperanto, Samsonite, Nynex (corporate sponsored babies were BIG in the 90s), Fergus, Fergal, Frank, Francois, Ferdinand, Finn, Finnbar, Fionn, Niall, Neil, Nelly, Nestor, Australopithecene (the little angel!), Piltdown, Pedar, Peadar, Detroit Dave, Mullingar Murray, Hoboken Hal (trendy little fella already!), Sally, Salmonella, Santino, Fredo, Michael, Frodo, Sam, Meriadoc, Peregrin, Goldilocks, Greta, Gabriel, Sean, Ian, John, Shaun, Shem, Seamus, Jacob, James, Fettucini (it can get hungry in the delivery room), Placenta (inspiration failed; named for first visible noun, pretty little girl, tho), Fallopian (we were bored), Phillip, Roisin, Gollum (our precious!), Duncan, The Dagda, Columbanus (fiery l'il guy), Conchobar, Cuchullain, Cu-Cullan, Coo-bear, Esmerelda, Stan Lee, Leonard, Stuart (if only he could talk!), Jeff, Steve, Robert, Roy, Debbie, Little Debbie, Snackcakes, The Masked Avenger, The Shadow, The Cisco Kid, the Kenosha Kid (a big, hatless disappointment), Hamnet, Hamlet, Hal, Hotspur, Gertrude, Gert, Montgomery, Homer, Bart, Bushmills, Guinness, Draft, Pintglass, Jameson, Absinthe, Amaretto, Amoretta, Eli (died young, hardly miss 'im), Danielle, Brandan, Brenden, Nathaniel Sugarlips, Jennifer, Jenny, Nominative, Dative, Ablative, Genitive, Sasquatch.

And they are ALL ROTTEN.

Now, why is this blog called "Whiskey Ashes"? What is the Exciting Mystery behind the name? Well, none of you caught the reference, so you are all Big Dopes.

This blog is called "Whiskey Ashes" because:

1. I like whiskey.


2. "Ashes" was completely random.

I hope you are all completely satisfied?


Just had a new one! Everyone welcome NORA!

Eli (died young, hardly miss 'im

Margare (pen ran out while filling out form)

That's just how our Samantha got her was supposed to be Samanthagatha, but the pen ran out.

Our others are named Rosacea, Rubella, and Malaria (she's the fair fat dumpy one).
No Faramir? How about Sauron?
All those lovely Irish names and no Nora? Very disappointed. Still, you might have some more, you're still young.
Oh, we'll have a Nora!

DAMN! One just came out now. Hello, Nora!
136? You're just getting started!

Why, you've barely put a dent into this list, or this one!

Get, er... Get to it, man!

Can't believe you forgot Bridget! BRIDGET! WTF kinda Irish are you?
LJ, oh, we'll catch up by (checks watch) next Thursday, at the latest.

A chara.

LJ, you've always stuck me as having a certain Medbh quality, in a good way...

(ancient Irish legends always walk carefully around strong women. One day we can meet for margaritas and I will explain these things in detail. You're a good friend, you know that?)
You know what? I am very happy that you have relieved me of my christian duty to reproduce.

God bless you.

(PS try chaining them to the radiator is they act up.)
I am very, very cross that there is no Grendel, or Beowulf on the list.
Thers, Thers, Thers... we all know the reason behind the blog name.

The drunken Phoenix staggers from the ashes and....

Boom, you got a blog, Mr. Man!!
Hee hee

You bring the Chinaco, I'll bring the Jameson's.

Thers-- I have a question for you but I do not know what your email addy is. Here is mine:

I have a question about the JG issue and I don't want to mention it here. Email me and I will write back asap.

meddling kids
And often Thers wishes that, when they were born,
they had named one of them Bodkin van Horn
and one of them Hoos-foos. and one of them Snimm.
and one of them Hot-shot. and one Sunny Jim.
and one of them Shadrack. and one of them Blinkey.
and one of them Stuffy. and one of them Stinky.
another one Putt-putt. another one Moon Face.
another one Marvin O'Gravel Balloon Face.
and one of them Ziggy. and one Soggy Muff.
one Buffalo Bill. and one Biffalo Buff.
and one of them Sneepy. and one Weepy Weed.
and one Paris Garters. and one Harris Tweed.
and one of them Sir Michael Carmichael Zutt
and one of them Oliver Boliver Butt
and one of them Zanzibar Buck-buck McFate...
But they didn't do it.

And now its too late.
So I count 137, including poor deceased Eli....
I knew Whiskey Ashes didn't mean anything. I intended to say that anyway.
Le meas,
"Deridra, could you get that dear?"-Monty Python The Meaning of Life

"Biffalo Buff>>" heh.
OK let me amplify-
Mum(Terry Jones), obviously grossly preganant, washing dishes, gives a groan and, standing, births a baby onto the floor, saying "Deirdra, will you get that, dear?"

And 'Biffalo Buff', heh..
You didn't name any daughter Miasma?
I come back here after having a long talk with one of my real-time friends (gasp! I have them!). She reminded me that HIspanics and the Irish have a weird tradition in common: Mary+ names. For the Irish, it's Mary Margaret or Mary Catherine or Mary Elephant, etc. You'll have eight girls in a family with Mary+ names.

On the Hispanic side, we have whole families of girls named thusly: Maria de los Santos (Sandy), Maria de los Angeles (Angie), Maria de Fatima (Mary--few go by Fatima willingly), Maria de San Juan de la Valle (Juanita). And of course there's Maria de Guadalupe (Lupita), my personal favorite for being associated with the funniest line I've ever heard a human speak, without meaning to be funny:

"Lupita, hold my baby while I kick this fucker's ass!"

I guess you had to be there.

So you know what this means, Theri. You've gotta crank out some more bambinos so you can use some Mary+ names. Or you can borrow some of the Maria de names upstairs. Be multicultural! It's fun!
You didn't name any daughter Miasma?

Each of them has that as a nickname.

LJ, yeah, Mary/Maria -- it's a Catholic thing. The Italians have it too.
huh, you can't kid me... or well maybe you can, but I hold fast to my delusions of being being ever un-deluded!-- Whiskey Ashes: Whiskey, Uisce, water, aka Holy Water. Redemption, rebirth. Ashes, well no, not penitent, not Ash Wednesday in this case. No, more the Uisce poured on the fire made it holy and up out of the ashes of your poor heart's smitty has arisen the Phoenix of the new blog. Whiskey Ashes= Thers Phoenix triumphant.

Congratulations to you for that, and to me for puzzling out far too late last night!

Now what do you give me?
my daughters name is caitlin. the wife would not approve of river, or sky.

i was satisfied as it was irish, and unique. do you have any idea how many caitlins are out there? most of whom spell it wrong.

but one good thing about your contest whiskey river, i think i really like this blog which i would have never otherwise found.
Hey, thought I would de-lurk to say I'm glad to see you're up and running here. And hooray whiskey! We might need to bust out the Bushmills to cheer your 138th child, which I'm sure will be along any minute now.

I am mildly shocked you did not spell Maeve "Meidbhe." What's the good of being Irish if you can't throw all kinds of useless letters in there?
And all of the 137 children are adorable!

Welcome Nora!

In my family we have both a Mary Katherine and Maria.
Shaun and Shem?

Ha! I'd be disappointed if they weren't there.
aquaria, that's sadly true. I'm a Mary Frances. God, I hate that name.
Speechless wins, uh, a new car! Unfortunately, it won't fit inside this comments box...

And Miriam (Ror?), I do have a Medbh... don't I, in there somewhere?
Well, yes, you did have a Medbh, but that still strikes me as several letters short of its full potential. If the Irish can spell it Corcaigh and pronounce it Cork, why settle for Medbh when you can go with Meidbheaighoaire?

But then, I speak as someone who always wanted a silent Q in my name.

(And yeah, this is actually Miriam, not the usual Ror posting on my computer and forgetting to change accounts!)
Miriam, ha!

Just be glad we're not Welsh...
The Shadow is a great kid. Although he can be really hard to find in the middle of the night....

Nice blog ya got here
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