Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The 6-Year-Old Mind

Me: Buddy, could you run upstairs and tell me if your baby brother is still asleep?

The 6-Year-Old: OK.

(Runs upstairs)


The 6-Year-Old: (from upstairs, screams) DAD! THE BABY IS STILL ASLEEP!


Me: (whacks forehead)

The six year old mind?

*ahem*.....where was dad's mind?
Dad was cooking.
The heat has an unfortunate effect on dad's higher cortical functions....
Thank you, Thers. Reason #250339 why I don't want kids. It's always nice to get these charming little reminders! *grin*

I am glad your duck is doing ok and you're not washing away in the flood. Can you send some rain here? We really, really need some. The river isn't quite as low as it was earlier this year, when I could have walked across it without rolling up my pants, but it's still pretty droughtified around here.

And perfectly logical from a six-year old's point of view.

Did he hide under any furniture?
Baby monitor? Baby cam maybe? I was driven bonkers because I did not have a monitor for my first child, I was constantly going to check on him. (House full of teenagers and music etc.)

I'm sure you are now working on the concept of the 'whisper voice'!
Meanwhile, earlier tonight in a conversation with my almost 6 year old (from atrios'):

I talk too much.

I was reading the local paper, which has an article about Helen Thomas because she was just speaking at the lcoal university. My daughter came in and asked who she is. I said she's been a reporter through 9 presidents, longer than I've been alive. Stella says, "But you're not 9 years old." So, I explain term limits, then find myself dealing with assassinations, corporate controlled media and stolen elections. And damn the bushes, I gotta talk about father & son presidencies, too.
whiskeyina | Homepage | 06.29.06 - 7:57 pm | #

And when she wanted to talk more about why Kennedy was assassinated, as I paused to find the words, she says, "The mean people didn't like how he was runnin' things?"
Been there. Done that. As I recall, I also sobbed quietly.
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