Sunday, June 25, 2006

And Now for the Comic Relief...

We have Althouse:
So I assume there is a conspiracy and a strategy to investigate Kos. And it's so easy to do because it can succeed even if it fails to turn anything up, because it will provoke him, and when he reacts, they'll all say he's paranoid, belligerent. Escort that man back outside the gate.

But why is Althouse saying all this? Is she trying to stoke his paranoia and lead him into the very pitfall she's identified? Is she nonpartisan and just calling them as she sees them? Or is she just saying that because she knows that's the kind of assertion that Kos folk are least likely to believe? And is that one more reason to suspect there's a big plot? Look at that line she boldfaced up there. There's a Republican plot and a Democratic plot all converging on poor Mr. Moulitsas.
The good Friar Occam would, I believe, conclude that the reason Ann Althouse is saying all this is that she is a complete dingbat.

I am perpetually amazed that someone so profoundly unserious could be a law professor.
Eli -- perhaps the term "bong hits" is helpful here...?
I always assumed she was just naturally ditzy.
(Again, another word that I don't normally associate with law professors...)

Ironically enough, my verification word is "lawxpo"...
Oh, I don't mean to suggest she's on the pipe... only that if she were, how could you tell?

Sorry for the disillusionment about academia. Not that I've ever really been able to figure out what actually constitutues academic legal scholarship, though...
Personaly, I think the reason Althouse is posting this is she's scary green jealous of all the ink Kos is getting and she wants to horn in on the limelight.

Her hits prolly dropped by half once that Altmouse person stopped posting.

And why did Eli ever conflate the terms "serious" and "lawyer"?

Nah, her hits are stable. She won't go up or down too much. She has a base of idiots, but after that she's just another nitwit competing for the same silly wingnut pie.
Uh oh, she's started referring to herself in the third person...
Uh oh, she's started referring to herself in the third person...

Scans more like parody when she does that. I had to click the link (see Thers -- extra hits) to make sure it wasn't that other person parodying her again.
Uh oh, she's started referring to herself in the third person...

Actually, one of her regulars poked gentle fun at that and Althouse got all pissy in comments. Of course the person fell all over herself kissing Ann's ass.

Good Christ, she is a dimwit(Ann, that is).
As commented upon already, she's channelling Bob Dole! Dear effing God! What a twit!
I don't visit Althouse too often, but she really does seem to be vain, silly, and dumb as a post.

Did "stardom" go to her head and turn her into an utter ninny, or has she always been this way? Was there a time when she was more insightful or interesting or coherent?

I usually have to read her run-on gibberish twice before I have the faintest idea what she's trying to say. The supreme mystery, usually, is why she thought it was worth saying.

It seems like she represents conservative commentary stripped of everything but tone.
Am I saying Kos is paranoid? Or is KOS saying I am paranoid? Am I really writing this? Is Newsweek writing this? Here is a ball of twine.
Slowly I turned. . . .

Y'know, I had one or two "odd" law professors, but they always struck me as eccentric because they were too smart, not too dumb.
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