Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Faso Life

The New York GOP convention has rejected the Pataki candidate for the governor's race, William Weld, and gone with upstate anti-abortion, gay-hating John Faso. Weld lost by about a 3:2 ratio. According to the NYT,
Most worrisome to Republicans is that the convention vote exposed tensions between the party's moderate wing, represented by Mr. Weld, and the more conservative members who support Mr. Faso. That split could undermine a party that has held the governor's office for 12 years and is likely to face a formidable challenge this fall.
No kidding. The grassroots wingnuts in NY may be a majority in the party, but they are most certainly a minority in the state. The state GOP is in a lot of trouble. Unless something fundamental changes (Spitzer caught having liasons with a squirrel, maybe) this will be a very bad year for the NY GOP. With Spitzer and HRC set to win in landslides in the top races, the outlook all down the ticket for Republican candidates is grim.

Gosh, how sad for them.

Oh dear. I have a tear in my eye for the demise of a once-powerful NY GOP.

Mr. Thers,
OT - Glad yer back.. In light of the recent unpleasantness, warm regards toward you and all of the Liberal Mountain Posse, from this faithful Eschaton reader/occasional poster. You're NOT going to talk about The Mets and shit on this one, right?
-bill buckner
excellent! (As I rub my hands in glee and grin evilly.)
I have long thought how bizarre New York Republicans are as a phenomenon. We've had a Republican mayor in my small city for as long as I've lived here, despite the city's being overwhelmingly Democratic (my city went overwhelmingly for Kerry, overwhelmingly against the egregious Sue Kelly, our Rep, overwhelmingly in favor of all the other Democratic candidates in 2004). It makes no sense here; it makes no sense in New York State that Pataki (who came from my city, btw) has managed to be governor for the last 12 years. I'm delighted to consider that the GOP's reign is coming to an end.

Go Spitzer! Maybe we can get rid of Sue Kelly, too (purely a local wish, of course)
bill bucker --

hee hee. I'll slam the Yankees a few times, just for you. :)
nora, yeah, it is strange. But as long as the grassroots GOP insists on pushing the hardcore social agenda, it is only going to hurt the traditional NY GOP -- whose business, after all, is business, and that's why they've been successful in the past.

The older NY GOP is caught between Spitzer and the wingnuts. Poor lambs.
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