Wednesday, June 28, 2006



We live on a mountain, so we're OK, by and large, though we're without power and will be through at least tomorrow afternoon (I'm posting from my office). What a mess. The photo is from our local paper; that bridge is usually about, oh, 20 feet over the waterline...

Obviously, light posting for a while.


Nuts, power was supposed to be back today, now they're telling us late tomorrow night. Oh well.

Uh, oh.

Good luck. May all the denizens of Liberal Mountain -- and their ducks -- swim thru this safely.
wow - that picture is impressive. I'm glad you all are on a hill.

Sorry about the power outage.
What a great day to go kayaking!
Holy cow. Glad y'all are dry at least.

Good luck.
Oh man... I'm so jealous!

Send some of that rain to us here in Texas. We need it, desperately!
Oh, bummer.

I'm glad you guys are safe though.
Stay dry. Hope every returns to normal quickly.
When I was a student at SUNY Bingahmtom I used to drive the new I-88, and I've seen photos of the washed-out bridges there that wiped out all four lanes.

Unbelievable. It's like the Al Gore movie only real (ironic humor intended.)
Sounds like it's time to fire up the grill and cook whatever meat you have in the freezer.
Do you have enough firearms to keep FEMA at bay?
Wow that's an intense river. Where is that bridge from??
Wasn't that a mighty storm?

Always loved that song.

Good luck..
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