Friday, June 23, 2006


Now, this is great stuff. The Internets rule...


For some reason, some of you want more context. This is of course a link to the famous 1942 debate in the Irish senate (Seanad) over Halliday Sutherland's Laws of Life, Kate O'Brien's Land of Spices, and Eric Cross's The Tailor and Ansty. Frank O'Connor called this "debate" a "long, slow swim through a sewage bed." Anyway, if you thought blog and Internets dustups were fierce and nasty, heh, check this shit out. Professor Magennis is one of the Great All-Time Assholes. See if he reminds you of anybody.

This is the prime beef, the sacred fount. Dive in!


I really do dig this. No, it's not on topic, but you should listen to something as you read through Irish parliamentary debates, and this works well. And fuck Archbishop McQuaid, anyhow.

I wanna meet the Mcgillycuddy of the Reeks.
Sir John Keane: I have considered all the implications of this. I consider that, if we are going to be put under what I suggest is a literary Gestapo, we are entitled to know the facts.

Didn't they have Godwin's Law back then?
I wanna meet the Mcgillycuddy of the Reeks.

Heh, I love that.

And this was 1942 -- the Gestapo reference is interesting because it was a rare anti-Nazi references in any public Irish publication at the time. Because of neutrality it was illegal to comment negatively about any of the belligerents. Keane was slipping the anti-Nazi reference in deliberately (he was anti-fascist).
Relaxation of the censorship laws in Ireland and the transformation of the Irish economy from one of the "sick men of Europe" to one of the Euro-tigers.

Coincidence or connection?

This is my favorite part:
Professor Magennis: I suggest to the Chairman that, before Senator Sir John Keane reads the remainder of the passage an instruction should be given to the official reporters not to record it. Otherwise, we shall have some of the vilest obscenity in our records, and the Official Reports can be bought for a few pence.

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