Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Inconvenient Truths

We saw An Inconvenient Truth tonight. Wow. It's very well done, and quite powerful. And ultimately hopeful: here you see a politician (and that's what Gore really is) not being actively mendacious. And not simply mouthing vapid slogans. And displaying a serious intelligence. And pointing towards a workable solution to a dangerous problem.

You know, Al Gore is the guy John McCain only pretends to be: an independent-minded, serious thinker who puts the truth first and focuses on solving serious issues out of moral and intellectual convictions.

One of the arguments against Gore running again is that the idiot media Heathers will still have their nasty little pinking shears out for him. Actually, I think that is an argument in favor of his candidacy. The Heathers need to be defeated, not appeased. Gore seems to have learned some sharp lessons about how to fight them. An Inconvenient Truth reaches an audience directly without being first subject to their inane bitchy judgments about what is and is not worthy of the public's attention.

Even in our little burg, the theater was almost full. Gore can win. And I think we need him.

Can the heathers be defeated? They have the ink and the microphones. Anything Gore says -- no matter how much he's learned -- filtered thru them, will be twisted and bent til it reflects badly on him.

Are the alternative voices going to be loud enough to offset the kuhl kidz by 2008?

I would love to see Gore slice and dice a few "journalists", but I'm not sure any Democrat can.
Of course they can be defeated. Shit, who's really a-scairt of like, Tim Russert?

They're just weenies. Also, nobody likes them.

Think of it this way -- did the GOP lose out when they decided to go after the media?

At any rate, I think any Dem candidate would be a fool not to realize that they need to confront the idiot media and not make friends with it in order to make any progress at all.
I really, really, really hope he runs.

It seems at this point in his life he doesn't give a fuck what people are saying about him.

And that's what we need. A politician who won't try to figure out what the people want to hear, but want they need to hear.
I said the exact same thing a while back. The media need to be exposed and discredited once and for all, and I'm not sure it can be done *without* the built-in platform of a presidential campaign. And I think Gore is the only Dem out there who would be smart enough and brave enough to make the attempt, rather than just trying to suck up as they sink his campaign.
Of course the GOP didn't lose out when they went after the media -- they *are* the media...or at least the media ownership.

I didn't say anybody was askeert of the Heathers -- who could be frightened of Pumpkinhead? -- only that they control the ink and the microphones and *always* get the last word.

I also didn't mean to imply its not a battle that should be fought. It should be -- and Al's prolly just the man to do it -- just that I'm not sure its a battle that can be won.

The media owners and managers are members of the other party. They will never, ever, never be fair, balanced or objective when it comes to covering Democrats.
We just saw it last night, and though I knew I was going to like it, I was still very much more impressed than I expected.

The movie presents Gore as Gore. The media presents Gore as whatever the hell they think they can get away with to serve their own wretched desires.

People can see the difference for themselves.

Gore is a great speaker with an easy intelligence, and he has an aura of sensibility about him that I deeply admire.
Your post expresses my sentiments exactly. I saw the film last week, and agree that Gore may be the ONLY dem candidate that CAN win -- after all, he won before, and Nixon came back and won two terms after ignoble, self-pitying DEFEAT. Gore is smart, "young" , strong, honest, and being away from Wash. DC has improved him, in my opinion. He knows what he's up against. If he runs, I think he'll fight harder and smarter than last go-around. I, for one, would campaign for him. He could energize and turn this country back in the right direction.
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