Monday, June 05, 2006

Just So You Know...

You're free to leave threatening comments about my children on this blog, but I will report all such comments.

Come on, do you really care about ALL of your, I think Dennis popped out earlier today, so that's 138...children? I mean, would it be wrong to threaten, say...Nathaniel Sugarlips?
Jaysus, are they *still* doing that? They must have a very strange definition of "winning".
Hey, new digs.

Yeah, this is no joke, really.
If you can in any way consider the threat(s) potentially immediate, credible, and unequivocal, then report it right away. If not, then just post their IP, and let the chips fry where they may.

Don't believe in 'em. They're insolent, and spend too many of their formative years smelling bad.

And Rethugs don't have children, since they spawn asexually. I mean, imaging a coupling of, say, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh...ewww.

On that note, I've always been suspicious of guys who seem enjoy sucking on large, phallic tobacco products.
I'm assuming that's why NYMary isn't posting over @ Power Pop?

I wish that I had the time to think of ways to threaten kids (no...I really don't).
You obviously don't understand family values.
Report them.

Better safe than sorry.
Thers, I'm downstate from you but good friends with an FBI agent. I'm flagging this site now. Kids are off limits.
I'm pretty sure you are threatening your own family, just to demonize the "values" folks.

Sneaky-ass librul.
these guys were always the last ones picked for dodgeball, you know that.

this shit is so not funny, and so actionable.
They must have a very strange definition of "winning".

That's the fundamental problem with the whole right wing. To them WINNING is all, like everything's a goddamned game with scores and refs you can work and a trophy and chicks putting out in the back of the team bus. Rather than try to, dunno, LEARN from the exchange between Thers and Pasty, it's more important to attack not just Thers but those dear to him. It's really pathological.

Sorry you're still dealing with this, my friend.
I will give you children candy and cupcakes and cotton candy and ice cream and orange soda and tubs of chocolate frosting -- and their teeth will rot!

Grr, booga! :)
And they're not content to leave their venom at Pasty's little dungeon anymore, they're spreading it around now as well.

Sick, sick people.

Take care of those beeyootiful children of yours.....
Thers, drop me a line when you get a chance. I have some experience with this stuff, sad to say.
Fuckwits. Every single one of them.
yikes! I'm so sorry you all are having to go through this.

I agree with 4 legs good.

(I've been wondering if we should start a legal fund for you all, so you can hire a private detective w/ tech skills.)
Any resolution yet, help from Blogger, IP address, etc?
NTodd -- I'll keep you & others up to date through other channels...
Sorry to see NYMary and yourself go through this, Thers. I've got three kids myself and I can just imagine what I'd want to do if someone threatened them.

What the hell is wrong with these people...
Thers - ACK. Lemme know if you need anything.
Had no idea this was ongoing, sorry to hear. Hugs all around.
I had a similar situation (back before blogs, but the basic plot is the same.) I won, and you will too.

These aquerosos anormales have no cojones, and so must go after children.

They are cobardes, plain and seemple, no?


I, ¡El Gato Negro! bathe myself at them een utter contemptuousness.

(bathes contemptuously)

I don't know how those schmucks can live with themselves after El Gato Negro has bathed contemptuously in their general direction.
These guys are the type who used to do obscene phone calls before caller ID and the call back ability. To let your heart walk outside of your body as one writer said of the act of having children to them is to make yourselves vunerable, to be weak. So they go after the very thing which will make you become the ten foot tall Grizzly with eyes of blood and slashing claws.

Keep a diary of all incidences. Track the IPs. Never suffer this in silence. These spineless pasty white blobs of goo rely on the anonymity of the net and shrivel into nothingness when exposed to the glare of public exposure or a FBI man at the door.
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