Friday, June 09, 2006


Well, Blogger seems to be back... I'm really not very much longer for Blogger, and the recent technical problems are only part of it. Anyway.

Don't have time right now to get back to the Topic of Art and Smut, but I will (I *did* have time yesterday, grrr).

For now, here is a wonderful example of military press conference-speak. Apparently, Zarqawi survived the air strike and in fact died in the custody of Iraqi police. Asked if there was evidence that Zarqawi had been shot, Maj. Gen. Caldwell
said he could not give a definitive answer based on what he had read in the latest official U.S. military report on the event. "I'll go back and specifically ask that," he said. "But no, there was nothing in the report that said he had received any wounds from some kind of weapons system like that."
"Receiving a wound from a weapons system" is a pretty great euphemism for "shot."

Well he's died so often before, and some people say that it was debate-able if he ever lived at I choose to reserve judgement until the sands of time fill up the crater holes from the bombs and the whole incident becomes as obscure as Herodotus opining on the reign of Cyrus or Xerxes.

When history must be cloudy, well then let's make it ancient. That's what I say!
So if not Blogger, what?

And can you get Atrios to go along with you?
"We're filling out the papers now. We haven't decided whether he committed suicide or died trying to escape."
Cap. Louis Renault.
Didn't Stalin use that euphemism?
Oy, don't get excited enough to start on weird surmises re Zarq's demise. It's perfectly possible that he might have initially survived (if that's the word) the air-strike that did for him - history abounds w/ unlikely survival stories, as well as conspiracy theories!
schwa, oh, I'm not saying anything like that, just marvelling at the euphemism.
k then. & you're right, the euphemism is worth noting.

Glad you're still blogging.
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