Monday, June 26, 2006


There's a story about censorship and literature and politics that I'm dying to tell, but I'm finding it very hard to tell it. I need to find a different voice. Neither my blog voice nor my usual academic voice are right for this. My academic voice does not work in this medium, and my blog voice is not really right for what I want to say. This is frustrating because I think I've made some good and intelligent friends who are not academics who would like to hear this story, and I'd love to hear what they think about my ideas. I have something to say and I want to say it here, but it's tricky.

Let me tinker a bit. Stand by.

Jeez -- you could give us a hint at least.....
Now this, dear friends is what you call a teaser. And a pretty masterful one at that. I'm all admiration, Thers, but please post it soon.
Have you considered an annoying sort of high-pitched whine?
I'd use a high, nasally voice... then blame it on the equipment.
Ah, just blurt it out. We're forgiving.
Well why not channel Flan O'Brien or maybe Pat Shortt (can you channel someone if they are still alive? Or is that more like invasion of the body snatchers?) Between those two you'd have a wide range of options. Myself, I think going for the hand bag wielding left wing granny who whacks people over the head if they don't know the meaning of the initials for UNICEF or when the Int'l Day of the Child falls might be refreshing persona for you.
¿What do joo mean by thees "blog voice", eh?

¿How ees any voice online deefferrrent from the one we use everyday?

I must confess, thees confooses me.

Well why not channel Flan O'Brien or maybe Pat Shortt (can you channel someone if they are still alive?

Or be a de Selby commenter.

Speaking of FO'B, any chance of a Flann O'Brien post, pretty pretty please?

Yes, I realize that "blow me" is but one of many appropriate responses to someone who begs you to do unnecessary homework.
Drink 5 fingers of bajillion year old Scotch and you'll sound like Masterpiece Theater. That way, you could be reading from The Story Of O and it'd sound like Proust.

Nobody could argue with that.
FO'B... well, OK.

vachon, t'anks... but it's Bushmills to-nite!
Now, Theri, the answer is quite simple for a blogofascist: You must use the voice of your master, Kos.
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