Thursday, July 13, 2006


Good Lord

So I'm sitting here with our friend watertiger, and we're looking at this picture from the front page of Newsday.

Well, shit. Story here.

The bees build in the crevices
Of loosening masonry, and there
The mother birds bring grubs and flies.
My wall is loosening; honey-bees,
Come build in the empty house of the stare.

We are closed in, and the key is turned
On our uncertainty; somewhere
A man is killed, or a house burned,
Yet no clear fact to be discerned:
Come build in he empty house of the stare.

A barricade of stone or of wood;
Some fourteen days of civil war;
Last night they trundled down the road
That dead young soldier in his blood:
Come build in the empty house of the stare.

We had fed the heart on fantasies,
The heart's grown brutal from the fare;
More substance in our enmities
Than in our love; O honey-bees,
Come build in the empty house of the stare.
I see no good from this, nor any "good guys." Only gathering evil, and chaos, and the rule of fools and bigots.

There aren't any good guys. As I said here, they could be anyone. In a fit of bias, I am hoping that Hezbollah can't get another 80km or so out of those rockets; I have a friend in Ramat Hasharon. Another friend's boyfriend lives up in the north near Lebanon, goodness knows what he's up to, and she's worried about all her friends who are reservists and likely to get called up. Likewise, I'm similarly worried about the friends and family of all the people I know who are here, mostly Lebanese, but some Palestinian. There's a cohort of guys who work at a felafel shop near me where I go all the time. There's even one guy who works there (I think he's Palestinian) who speaks some Hebrew, and one day we had a good conversation about Hebrew and Arabic and all kinds of good stuff. I fear that they probably have friends or relatives there, and it's got to be tense.

Speaking of tense, Stephen "The Smirking Corpse" Harper just trashed Canada's international credibility by taking the Bush line on the conflict -- it's all the Arabs' fault and it's obviously Iran masterminding it. *SCREAM* The charming fuckwit doesn't quite get that Canada's reputation is that we don't (or didn't) take sides.

Unfortunately, we're doing it in Afghanistan, too, since what we're doing there is technically "counterinsurgency," which is a fancy $64 word for "inserting yourself into a civil war to prop up one side over the other."

I'm not sure I could be angrier or more sick about this if I worked at it.
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