Monday, July 10, 2006


Learning By Example

So I was in the shower, and I hear the bathroom door bang open, which means the Almost-Two-Year-Old is coming in for a visit. Sure enough, her little head soon pokes in through the shower curtain. We have a little talk about bathroom things; I turn off the water, say "I'm wet" and she yells "TOWEL!" She knows what's what.

As I'm drying off the conversation inevitably turns to poo. She has a potty chair, and so we've been introducing her to its use and functions.
The Almost-Two-Year-Old: Poo-poo.

Me: Yes, poo-poo in the potty chair.

TATYO: Chay-ah!

Me: Right! How do you go poo-poo in the potty chair?
She shrieks in delight, opens the lid, peers inside.
TATYO: Poo-poo?

Me: You have to sit on it first and make the poo-poo. How do you do that?
A look of enlightenment crosses her angelic little face. She runs from the room... and comes back in with a book. At this point she sits down in the chair and cries out in triumph:
And of course is holding the book upside down.

Always have something to read in the bathroom. I'm kinda proud she learned that even before she knows how to properly take a dump in a toilet.

Incidentally, the book was Nuala O'Faolain's Are You Somebody. It's a good read, but try to hold it rightside up.

BTW, I've been reflecting for a few days now that I'm glad I did what I could to keep this kid out from the epicenter of a blogwar, even if I was only semi-successful and was initially & briefly pissed off enough to think otherwise. People can make their own decisions about what to do when their child is slandered in a blog comments section, but personally, the idea of making hay of it ultimately turned my stomach. (Details about the actual events here and here. I again thank Bas-o-Matic.)

Goodness, I hope she wasn't providing a critique of O'Faolain....

Your children are such a delight.
Flory, you might like Are You Somebody. It's an interesting book, free of most of the faults of memoirs nowadays.
You and Eli have some strange sort of synchronicity going on. Check out Multi Medium for more child pooping blogging.
but personally, the idea of making hay of it ultimately turned my stomach.

Yep. You did the right thing.
kc, this whole affair is still making me ill.

But eh, I'd be ill anyway.

You or NYMary will tell me if you ever want me to shut up, won't you?

Just e-mail me at my gmail account.
gd, no worries. We're fine. Thanks for sticking up for us!
I put my kids' books in the bookshelf right outside the bathroom to be easily accessible. If your bathroom has a magazine holder (there are ones that screw to the wall or stand alone) those work too. (Just keep the books off the floor, those children's toilets can leak.)

Big hugs to you and your family.
One of my favorite commercials of all time is a Toys "r" Us one. It shows a little girl at the the toy store getting a toy because "she when poo in the potty!"

As she is waiting in line with the mother she sees a woman buying toys and asks her, "Did you go poo in the potty too?"

I'm hoping that they bring that one back.

Your vulcan friend,
Wow, Kenosha is actually blogpimping me. How times have changed.
you might like Are You Somebody. It's an interesting book

{scribbles name on booklist}

D'you realize how many books I'm gonna be taking to Ireland in the fall?
You're going to Ireland in the Fall? Cool! Where?
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