Thursday, July 06, 2006

NY Gay Marriage Appeal Loss

Well, nuts.

I'd sort of expected it, though. For one thing, Spitzer has been consistent in his opinion that the NY constitution does not provide a basis for legal challenges to a ban on same-sex marriages. I'm not going to slam him for this, unlike some others. (I understand the anger, but, well, Spitzer is a lawyer and I'm not. He's consistently made it clear that he supports same-sex marriage in principle, and I don't think that on this issue there are any politicians who would say this if it were not actually true, even in NY.) The upshot is, based on what I understood about Spitzer's opinion and upon what I'd gathered about NY judges, especially the high court, I'd not been very optimistic about the outcome. Which was, in the end, a lot of blather about the children, Oh! The CHILDREN!, and a punt to the lege. Feh.

The question is of course, what next? Well, Spitzer has pledged to seek a change to the law to allow same-sex marriage if he's elected governor, as seems more than likely. Suozzi, his Long Island primary challenger, and Faso, the latest complete lunatic dredged up from the cesspit that is the NY GOP, are agin' it. So we'll vote for Spitzer and hold him to his word. What the hell else is there to do?


The Suozzi campaign sure seems quite like a circus-train wreck -- dead and dying clowns littering the ground, their noses honking a mournful dirge.

When I read the Appellate Division's opinion, I came to your earlier conclusion that the appeal was likely to lose, based on the language of the state Constitution.

Still, all is not lost, and Spitzer strikes me as a man of his word, so yeah, let's elect him and hold him to his word on this. God knows Suozzi is never going to become gov, any more than Faso is, so we have a reasonably good chance.
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