Wednesday, July 19, 2006


A Response to a Critic

What shall I say to this?

Merely, that Phila exhibits, inevitably, a lamentable misapprehension of the ontological res ipsa of the conservative Weltanschung, perpetrating a lachrymose conflation of the ineffable, foundational values of the national genesis with an ahistorical, anachronistic hothouse exhibition of contemporary mores, producing in extremis, naught but jejune animadversions upon the essence of the contemporary genus of the American l'homme naturel; and, more is the pity, Phila is also indelibly guilty of a disgusting liberal inability to accord Mexicans all due contempt, especially the gay ones.

and here i thought he was complimenting you. my bad. or egregious misapplication of textual analysis.

i bow to you and phila as the masters of this genre, whatever it may be.
Sez you, perfesser.
You better take back that bit about gay Mexicans.
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