Saturday, July 15, 2006


Thers's Law of the Internets

95% of what happens online is not worth getting upset over.

When you find yourself bogged down in that last 5%, turn off the damn computer.

That's easy for you to say - you probably have one of those buttons that will turn your computer off whenever you want.

Damned elitists...
now you tell me.

My e-mail system at work used to have "unsend". What a life-saver.
That doesn't sound like something a good blogofascist would do.....
There was a line they use over at Fark, "Even if you win an argument on the internet you are still retarded"
Or something like that.

Thers, by the way I mentioned to Atrios the other day I appreciated your comment about anonymous bloggers and the position they are in because they usually don't have lawyers and stuff.

Someone at KSFO ABC/Disney put up my photo on a blog to let me know "We know who you are."
It won't be long till they have my address and then the lawsuits come for costing them advertising dollars.
I was really depressed about it and about ready to throw in the towel when I got home and saw that Joe Conason (!) had just written a story about the idiots at KSFO and their "let's hang the journalists!" ways.

The audio clips are from my educational collection of KSFO hosts. I'm even mentioned in the story.

I'm not going to be a WATB about it. No death treats or lawsuits yet. But it's out there and its coming from someone at KSFO/ABC/Disney. During company time. From their computer.
I'm sure their bosses are so proud.

After the white powdery substance was sent to the NY Times (following the comments from Morgan to "Hang 'em!" they dot connecting is pretty clear.
Why they are allowed to say this on the public airways I have no idea. But as conason said, "There is plenty of money to be made in Jackbooted radio."
Spocko, isn't that sickening. They're the ones calling for people to be hanged and electrocuted -- on air -- and you're going to be intimidated and harassed. Phfft.

I feel another blog post or several coming on; stay tuned.
Spocko -- I just posted about this at Blogintegrity. They won't get away with this shit.
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