Sunday, July 02, 2006

Who's Your Favorite Wingnut Shitbag?

The cretin who runs the New Editor wants to know who is your favorite chickenhawk. Apparently, this smug little git believes he has us On The Ropes if we use the "chickenhawk meme" against himself and his cohorts:
Some critics of the Iraq war like to use the 'chickenhawk' argument in an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of those who support the war, but did not themselves serve in the military.

This rhetoric ignores many things, the history of this country being chief among them.

So, in the spirit of the Fourth of July weekend, The New Editor lists ten prominent Founding Fathers who were 'chickenhawks,' and asks, "Who's your favorite 'chicken hawk'?

Oh, fuck you. "This rhetoric" still lodges itself deep up your can. The "chickenhawk meme" is valid. Why? Because if this idiotic war in Iraq were what its proponents claim it is, the Central Front of an Epic Clash between Barbarism and Civilization, Necessary for our Survival, you would fucking volunteer to fight it. No?

The Iraq adventure was sold as WWII re-animated. Appeasement, and all that rot.

If anything vital were at stake in Iraq, I would go there. If my children's safety depended on the war in Iraq, I would go to Iraq. If vital priciples of our democracy could only be defended in Iraq, I would go to Iraq. If the WWII parallels, if the historical and patriotic imaginings were real, I would go to Iraq.

But they ain't.

You wingnut idiots are the ones who conjured the bugbears and ogres. That you cower beneath your bedsheets still, says you are, well, fucking despicable. You decided to fantasize about a lie, and you won't back up a matter of life or death with even your word.

You are utterly contemptible cowards and fools and, well, gits.

But you knew that.

I had totally forgotten the Founding Fathers risked nothing during the Revolution.
I sense you're holding back.
I sense you're holding back.

It's a teaser -- like the last post.

He wants to make sure we all come back tomorrow.

...and there better be duckie updates!
Good post Thers!

I had totally forgotten the Founding Fathers risked nothing during the Revolution.

Yes. The last line of the Declaration kind of sums it up.

by the way- I'm glad the power's back on. When my family lost power for almost a week - it really wasn't fun. All that stuff about camping inside: trying to make you all feel better. Aside from being very cold inside the house, our water was all on a pumping system.

By the way - I hope Mrs. Duck is still in the strawberry plants!
Well, commenter #2 summed up quite nicely why that post is nothing but horseshit. The founding fathers actually put their asses on the line. Something that chickenhawks never have to do in support of their favorite misadventure. And commenter #6 gave Bush a promotion after he got kicked out of TANG. How do like that?
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