Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Blind Nonpartisan Squirrels (Nasty as I Wanna Be Remix)

I've spent several months now reading Ann Althouse closely, mostly because she is entertaining as heck for fans of self-obsessed banality. So when she says something actually interesting, it would be less than integritudinous not to acknowledge it. If you don't know the background to what she's referring to, count yourself lucky and reread one of the amusing anecdotes in one of the last two posts, you'll be much better off:
I agree Frisch has a big problem. She's the weakling who entered a drinking match with a man who can drink you under the table. She lost control. She paid the price -- a big one. Goldstein's you-talked-about-my-child move is a strong one, but it's a move nonetheless, made by a person who likes to play the game... hard. He's not a victim. He's one of the people who has advanced himself in the blogosphere by making it hostile and ugly. Like all of us, he is capable of being hurt by a genuine crazy. But why not just delete the trolls? Why rile them? Some of them really aren't playing with a full deck. Why push weak people until they lose control? It's an ugly game, and I think Jeff knows he plays it.
On this, I'll just quote the Editors:
That Althouse comment was not only not stupid, not only right, it was downright penetrating. That is the dynamic, how she describes it, perfectly.

Pretty much, yeah.

Now, let's realign the planets.

This Althousian eruption is pretty funny, really. She sounds far more obsessed with my old blog than I ever was with her. Or than I ever was with my old blog, for that matter. As a clever person once said, "But why not just delete the trolls? Why rile them?" Why not just not read a blog that drives you ape, you big gorilla? Oh well.

The comedy though lies in her speculations as to just why I would be so driven to make fun of her every so often. She comes up with "jealousy," because as a community college professor what I must really want in my secretest heart of hearts is a job just as FAB-ulous as hers!

God, that's great stuff.

Me, I'd always thought I'd made fun of her because she is a liar with a nasty streak as well as just plain goofy.

Criticizing Althouse is like taking Occam's Razor to a giant jelly doughnut.

You desperately want to live in Wisconsin. Stop kidding yourself.
Every time I manage to forget that that embarassment to the legal profession exists, you have to go reminding me otherwise.

Damn cyberstalker >=(

Oh, and now I'm going to actually comment on something she wrote. DAMN YOU THERSITES. DAMN YOU TO HELLLLL.

Anyway, for someone who clutches her pearls at the first whiff of incivility of hyerbolic rhetoric, she's quite full of it calling you a "cyberstalker." I guess if you repeatedly argue with her, or try to mock her banality on a site where she can't delete you, you're "stalking."

Of course, La Althouse would argue that "cyberstalking" is totally different than regular old "stalking," which of course has connotations of menacing, dangerous behavior. But I assume you haven't been emailing her repeatedly, or writing anything other than, well, explanations why her own writings are usually bullshit. I guess everyone just loves playing the victim...

Ugh. It's too early in the day to be getting another ulcer from stupid.

DAMN YOU. In case you forgot.
You desperately want to live in Wisconsin.

Well, we are the land of cheese, roadside porn and ground meat in an intestinal casing. Living in Madison must cause Althouse physical pain; to say nothing of teaching at UW...

Thanks for the blogroll, Thers.
I like Madison! It's a neat place, like Ithaca, New York, only you can get foam cheese-hats a lot more easily. I think AA likes it there because she can walk around feeling smugly superior there. She's a rebel, you know, with her brave defense of the, uh, status quo.

Not sure why you hadn't been blogrolled before, SS...

Nim is clearly just jealous. As a lawyer, he must be crushed that he did not think of the "you're just jealous" argument before: "Your honor, you are clearly denying this motion becaus you are just jealous."

I also really enjoyed the definition of me as a "cyberstalker." Nope, I've never emailed her, and as for following her around, uh, ICK! Commenting on publicly available forums is not, uh, "stalking."

For a "nonentity," she sure seems to be worried about what I say. Note also that she "ignores" me, but also seems to be a frequent reader...
Well, if a monkey bangs on a keyboard long enough eventually there will be something that makes a little sense. I don't see any reason to then think of the monkey as a statistician.
I also really enjoyed the definition of me as a "cyberstalker."

That one caught my eye too. In the future, everyone will be a cyberstalker for 15 minutes.
I miss altmouse. (sometimes I still think about "Twine!" and laugh.)

But her description of jg was spot on.
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